Go to arbitration with confidence in the IME

When a worker is in conflict with the employer or
the employer's medical opinion, KOHC doesn't blink.
We define the issues with absolute impartiality.

We are advocates of medical truth - not of parties
When two sides are in conflict, two perceptions of truth collide. An IME by KOHC seeks and delivers the third truth - the unbiased, unflinching truth of medical history and evidence.

Injury, illness, industrial poisoning, harassment or firing?
Power Workers Union, CAW, building trades unions and others have called upon KOHC to conduct IMEs pertaining to virtually all medical issues, from mental health to workplace-induced cancers. We have deep experience and expertise in identifying health issues surrounding asbestos, beryllium, solvents and other high-risk materials, and associated diseases such as lymphomas, leukemia and cancers.

When you need an expert, battle-hardened witness.
We're fully conversant with - and comfortable in - the arbitration environment.

Dr. Kerin, the CAW, asbestos and lung disease
In what promises to become a landmark case, the CAW and Dr. Kerin (under the auspices of the Ontario Health Clinic for Ontario Workers) are working to get a handle on how serious the occupation health problem is at the General Electric plant in Peterborough Ontario. The latest news, and a video interview with Dr. Kerin are available at CAW Peterborough GE Workers Fight For Medical Testing.

Our case book reveals our experience
We have a lengthy history of conducting independent medical evaluations at the request of trade unions. For examples, please visit our case histories for brief descriptions of past IMEs.

You can book your IME online
If time is of the essence, book your IME now to start the process immediately. Or you can contact us to obtain any further information you may need. We'll get back to you promptly.