Why KOHC for your medical legal IME referrals?

As your medical-legal expert witness, we approach your IME referrals with a thorough appreciation of your requirements for a bullet-proof, defense-oriented IME.

Our credentials are of the highest
We are practicing physicians in good standing, IME Board Certified in Canada and the U.S., with excellent credentials and a wealth of experience. Many of our experts have subspecialties; all perform comprehensive exams with integrity and awareness of your need for prompt, professional precision.

We are experienced in cases across a broad range of injuries, illnesses and conditions. We treat each case as unique, with an understanding of the complexities and issues presented - from venue restrictions to time constraints or the credentials of experts.

In legal/arbitration cases, you don't get a second shot.
You can trust KOHC for independent medical evaluations diligently prepared to equip you with full, past and current medical information. Our medical legal consulting service is end-to-end and all-encompassing. You'll find us highly competent, predictably efficient, thoroughly professional.

Distinguishing features of a KOHC medical-legal IME:
  • Reports are prepared in anticipation of expert-witness deposition.
  • IME report presented on physician's stationery, signed by the physician.
  • When requested, IME Report is addressed directly to your firm.
  • IME reports include a narrative history as stated to the physician by the plaintiff/claimant.
  • IME reports contain in-depth review of all pertinent medical/legal records.
  • IME Reports contain a comprehensive objective examination upon which the conclusions of the examining physician are based.
  • IME Reports state a diagnosis relative to the physicians' specialty and to the alleged injuries/illness upon which the case is based.
  • Verbal IME reports typically within 24 hours.