The Many Roles and Clients of Independent Medical Exams

The impartial, expert-witness nature of independent medical exams make them a valuable contributor to addressing attendance and disability management issues and to case and conflict resolution.

How independent medical exams serve industry:
  • Timely intervention in managing inconsistent/poor attendance
  • Clarification of medical claims for off work
  • Poor work performance
  • Resolution of conflicting medical opinions
  • Resolving/defining medical issues prior to disciplinary action
  • Risk assessment for safety sensitive jobs
  • Threat analysis (behaviour)

How independent medical exams serve corporations:
  • Same as industry
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial relations/legal department

How independent medical exams serve the legal profession:
Expert medical witness opinion to support the lawyer's argument, especially re:
  • Workplace harassment
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Injury claim denied by WSIB
  • Cancer causation determination (workplace induced)

How independent medical exams serve insurers:
  • Determination of MVA injury recovery status (Maximum Medical Improvement/recovery (MMI)
  • LTD status as to meeting LTD plan medical requirements
  • STD opinion conflict

How independent medical exams serve unions:
  • Union expert medical opinion vis-�-vis company MD
  • Defining medical impairment and resulting disability
  • Duty to Accommodate definition in preparation for arbitration
  • Wrongful dismissal medical assessment (especially for invisible disabilities)

How independent medical exams serve government:
  • Define medical Impairments
  • CPP determinations
  • AMA guidelines (V) re musculoskeletal impairments ratings interpretation

How independent medical exams serve the health care sector:
  • Worker medical impairment/disability
  • Shift work
  • Latex hypersensitivity
  • Chemotherapy/cytotoxic exposures
  • Hazardous material handling/programs
  • SARS program
  • Terrorist risk assessment

How independent medical exams serve the courts:
  • IME to resolve conflicting/incomplete medical opinions
  • Pre-sentencing medical status