IMEs resolve attendance management issues

When the doctor reports are lacking useful information, and the
medical process frustrates your need for clarification,
an IME quickly identifies, investigates and defines the issues.

We are your unbiased expert medical second opinion
We are certified independent medical evaluators, expert and deeply experienced in determining medical truth from medical evidence.

An IME has the trust of all
Early resolution of issues surrounding illness or injury are in the best interests of all parties. With an IME, you and your employee have independent, expert opinion that transcends adversarial positions and guides resolution. In short, you have what everyone needs to know.

How you get full value from an IME
You get from an IME, literally, what you ask for. As the requesting party, the questions you ask to be resolved determine the value of the IME as an instrument of resolution.

Consider us your IME Information Desk
We�ve included pages that we hope you�ll find useful in obtaining a full-value IME: Guide to IME value reviews the initiation of an IME request from your side of the desk, and discusses how to instruct your independent medical examiners. What is an IME is a FAQ page. The broad applications that an IME can serve are described at The many roles of IMEs � including the ways they serve industry and commerce. Our case history page provides quick sketches of the diversity of IME�s we have conducted.

You can book your IME online
If time is of the essence, book your IME now to start the process immediately. Or you can contact us to obtain any further information you may need. We�ll get back to you promptly.